Harmony and energy in your home

What does the Super-Djed do for you?

The Super-Djed gives your entire home a natural energy field with twelve harmonic primal frequencies, or primal vibrations. This natural energy is essential for everyone. But how do you notice? How is that primeval forest feeling experienced by Super-Djed users? The Djed can create more peace and harmony in children, animals and adults alike. In addition, one can also sleep better and feel more emotionally balanced. Many experience waking up fitter, especially in the morning and afternoon with more energy. The Djed allows the twelve meridians and all body cells, to experience this primal frequency every second. The main goal of the Super-Djed is for all body cells to vibrate with this primal frequency. These twelve Djed frequencies rebuild, as it were, the stressful and negative frequencies in the cells to the original natural frequencies. The negative cell frequencies are then released and your cells can function normally again. The Super-Djed makes your body stronger which also makes you better able to deal with radiation. The Djed does not replace the EMF Health Card but supports it.

How does the Super-Djed work?

Since prehistoric times, using twelve primal frequencies, or primal vibrations, single-celled organisms have evolved into humans, animals and plants. These twelve primal frequencies support the twelve main meridians. The meridians transport Chi, being your life energy. Unfortunately, we are increasingly distant from nature, isolated by concrete and steel. These twelve primal frequencies have been driven out of our homes and cities. We have managed that the patented metal interior in the Super-Djed transforms the negative radiation into an energy field with these 12 primal frequencies. The special shape of the Djed Tower greatly amplifies these 12 primal frequencies. As a result, your entire home will fill with this twelve primal frequency and make you feel like you are living in a primal forest. The Super-Djed stands in a central location in your home. The Super-Djed has a range of 8 meters, left, right and below and above the Djed. The closer to the Djed the stronger the energy field is. The Super-Djed energy field passes through walls and floors. So for an average home, one Super-Djed is more than enough. The Super-Djed uses the energy of the existing Electro-magnetic fields. Thus, the Djed contains no electronics, making it maintenance-free and able to last a lifetime.

What are the twelve meridians?

Meridians are energy pathways that run throughout the body. Together they form a complete network connecting the organs, limbs and joints. Twelve main meridians can be distinguished in this network of energy pathways. In particular, the Super-Djed affects these twelve main meridians. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes there is a life force flowing through the body that connects our organs: the qi or chi. Literally, chi means "breath. This already indicates how crucial chi is for optimal health. Chi is therefore seen as the energy underlying bodily processes. If you have decreased vitality or if you are sick, there is a disturbance in one or more meridians. The cause may be physical or emotional. Therefore, it is important that the meridians are fed as much as possible with the right primal frequencies (vibrations)

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Success Stories

From our customers
Previously “deaf” ears, a lot of trouble with my legs (restless), frequent waking and difficult to sleep again. Now less frequent waking, no restless legs and no pressure on the ears. Also less suffering from stiff joints, especially when getting up. I am fit and also need fewer hours of sleep. Get going right away and have enough energy in the morning. I go to bed an hour later without effort. I no longer suffer from twitching eyelids now, previously it started around noon. Feel emotionally balanced, no peaks or troughs. If something upsets me, I don’t get stuck in it, get myself back into Zen mode quickly. Lots of birds suddenly live in our ivy by the house….sits all full…very noticeable. My family and doggies are feeling good, little sick. Am happy with all the improvements physically and emotionally and indeed the primeval forest (the birds) close to home.
I have woken up several times before the alarm clock rings. That was not common before the Djed was installed ;-). I am less tired, I feel lighter when getting up. I feel calm, hard to tell if this is because of Djed in this less stable time we live in. The children sleep better and they are less tired.
I experience fewer hot flashes. No more afternoon dips. In the evening I hold on better, am less likely to be tired. I also stay awake longer. I, my partner and our child are calmer. The atmosphere is better in the house.
I have had the Djed for 16 weeks now. I have a little more energy in the evening than I did a while ago. Then I fell asleep around 9pm, now I have to consciously go upstairs in time to avoid falling short of sleep. I feel calmer, better grounded, more in my power. I can feel and indicate my limits better I have gone through many transformations in recent months and so has my friend. Perhaps in part triggered by the superdjed. For every transformation, I am immensely grateful. Always lighter through life! I can feel better and better when I am in a place with a lot of radiation. In the house, the radiation is instinctively low, perhaps partly because of the superdjed?
I do notice a slight improvement in terms of fitness after getting up. I feel more calm at night and the energy in the house seems calmer. Lower back symptoms have subsided somewhat. I seem to be able to get to my feelings a little better. I notice that I can express my opinion/truth a little easier.
I wake up in the morning more rested than before the djed. I feel fitter and more energetic. I do not have an EMF Health Card and I feel less impact of radiation with the Djed. With the djed, I feel more protected. I feel good in my home. Am happy with this purchase.
I sleep better and sometimes deeper. When getting up, I definitely experience an improvement; less stiff and more energy. I benefit from the good energy for several hours. I now have regular stools.

more facts and notes about the super djed

Where do I place the super djed?

Place the Super-Djed as centrally as possible in your home or Place it closest to the person who needs it most.

Does the Djed protect against radiation?

The Djed will make your body stronger so that you can handle radiation better. So the Djed can give you extra support when the radiation gets stronger.


Clean the Super-Djed if necessary with a damp cloth, do not use aggressive cleaning agents!

How many Super Djeds do I need for my house?

The patented metal interior has an extremely long range; ± 8 meters, so 1 Super-Djed is sufficient for a normal family home.


The Super-Djed uses the radiation present as energy for the metal interior. The higher the Radiation, the harder the Djed works. The strength of the Djed field is determined by the strength of the radiation present

Can I open the super djed?

Do not open the Super-Djed under any circumstances; subtle connections may be permanently and irreparably damaged.

What are the dimensions of the Super-Djed?

The Super-Djed is 11cm high, just under 5cm wide and weighs 500 grams.


The Super-Djed is made exclusively from 100% natural materials. The exterior is made Tin.


The Super-Djed was developed and made in the Netherlands. Our team has combined medical, energetic and physical knowledge with the scientific


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