Radiation protection

What does the card do for you?

Your personal EMF Health Card creates strong natural protection against Electrosmog, anytime, anywhere. The card has proven indispensable for protecting Highly Sensitive People (HSP) from radiation. The card contributes to a good night’s sleep and more energy. The card makes the restless feeling disappear, makes you more stress resistant and provides better balance. Parents find that babies and children become calmer and sleep better. When children hold the card, they feel a calmness in their minds. This also applies to pets that stop vibrating and become calmer with the card.

The amount and intensity of this unnatural radiation has gradually increased throughout our lives. It creeps in, so to speak. Most people are unaware of the possible negative effects of radiation. When using the EMF Health Card, 9 out of 10 people experience an improvement. The negative effects of radiation have been neutralized?

That is why the card has been re already three years successful and that we have more than 100 enthusiastic ambassadors.

how does the card work?

The patented metal interior of the EMF Health Card transforms negative electrosmog into a naturally strong energy field. The main purpose of this natural energy field is to restore the hexagonal structure of your body water. This can be compared to a hexagonal honeycomb. These hexagonally structured water molecules form your natural defense system against radiation. This protects you from radiation and allows you to be comfortable in your energy. The more Electrosmog the stronger the card works. Our body has developed this defense system against negative natural radiation over the last 10,000 years. However, with the increase of discordant radiation from 4G, 5G, GSM, wifi, etc., this water structure is being destroyed. As a result, we have become more sensitive to radiation. The energy field of the EMF Health Card restores this hexagonal water structure and gives us protection from radiation. Over the past three years, the EMF card has reduced or eliminated radiation complaints in hundreds of thousands of card users. The Card uses the energy of the existing Electro-magnetic fields. The EMF Health Card therefore contains no electronics, making it maintenance-free and able to last a lifetime.

is radiation harmful?

If we assume that every body and every cell is an electromagnetic field. The nervous system in the brain sends billions of electrical signals to all parts of the body. So in your head you have an even larger electromagnetic field. Disharmonic Radiation comes from cell phone, laptop, TV, Wifi, transmission towers, smart meters and so on. Then imagine this radiation going through your body like electromagnetic arrows. From the left, from the right but also from the front and from the back. It is not surprising then that this radiation causes an imbalance and/or stress in our energetic body. This could explain why children say they “feel a peace of mind” when they hold the EMF Health Card. Professor Dr. Martin Pall, Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry and Fundamental Medical Sciences at Washington State University, found that electrosmog was linked to sleep disturbances, headaches, fatigue, symptoms of depression, restlessness and stress (Prof. Pall, Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy, 2016). According to prof. Pall, electrosmog has a negative effect on people. More than 30 studies have shown this impact of electrosmog.

Success Stories
from our customers

Received the card 4 days ago. Was skeptical, but good 2 months on trial. When I held it between my fingers as directed nothing happened at all . On both sides nothing. I was like; that’s going back. In the evening, I tried again. First a restless feeling , heart palpitations and when I turned the card over to the loops I got tingling in my fingers and hands. I have a lot of electrosmog complaints. Previously only at high-voltage power lines. Later, it got worse. Now everywhere . Especially if WiFi coverage is also available. Severe headaches, nausea, even vomiting, muscle pain, poor sleep, cramps and cold hands and feet. The list grew longer and longer. The crazy thing was, when we were on vacation or in the woods the complaints were less. In the middle of nature and away from wifi etc. The wifi is on at home for up to 2 hours. But radiation also comes through the walls. After feeling the tingle, I decided to put the card on my nightstand that night and it helped. Slept much better and less radiation complaints. Then started wearing 24 hours a day on my body with the loops to my skin. The symptoms have all but disappeared. Do I put the card away then the symptoms just come back. Animals don’t lie. We have a number of cats. It is to laugh and also to howl. Since the card, I have them all around me. They feel something. They are calmer. They are now all around me or on my lap. They were already super sweet , but now even our traumatic cat stays more in the house instead of the garden. It’s just unbelievable. I am very happy with it. My life is much more pleasant and, in my opinion, our animals are much happier as well. At least bigger stuffed animals have become. Even my husband feels tingling when he grasps the card and wants it too.


Try without risk with the 3 months
"not good, money back" guarantee



Several tests have shown that holding the metal strips on the sides of the card can increase the strength of the EMF Health Card. A body cell itself generates between 50 and 90 millivolts. This energy enhances the operation the patented inner workings. Do you have an unbalanced place in your body? Then hold the card between your fingers and boost that spot.




The harmonic field that the EMF Health Card creates around you has a range of 3 meters on both sides of the card. The closer you are to the map, the stronger the map works.


The EMF Health Card is made exclusively from 100% natural materials. The exterior is made of organically grown corn. The inner frame consists of the harmonic metal Bismuth combined with other natural metals.


The card can be used according to personal preference. You can decide whether you always carry the card with you or hold it daily for some time and whether or not you use the symbols. You feel for yourself what your body needs and what feels right.


Restorenatural structures in water byplacing the card under or against a glass of water for a few minutes.


EMF Health Card creates strong natural protection against radiation anytime, anywhere. So not only protection from one device.


The EMF Health Card was developed and made in the Netherlands. Our team has combined medical, energetic and physical knowledge with the scientific approach of an ex-pharmaceutical researcher.


THE EMF Health Card uses the radiation present as energy for the metal interior. The higher the radiation, the harder the card works. The strength of the map field is determined by the strength of the radiation.


The EMF Health Card contains no electronics and is therefore maintenance-free. Provided the card is not physically damaged, it can last a lifetime.


It is not intended to be used underwater. However, it is not a problem if the card gets wet or even accidentally washed in the washing machine.


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