Control over sugar & snacking


The FeelGood Coin produces a strong energy field that makes you feel good AND stops your brain from asking for sugar. It seems like you are no longer forced to eat sweets. You can deal with it in a relaxed way. No more that compelling little voice telling you to grab more cookies, chips or chocolates. Usually until the pack runs out. No, you decide to take one sweet, enjoy it and then stop. Most Coin users experience less or no binge eating. If they have a binge then it is shorter. Snacking around three or four o'clock or in the evening may also stop or diminish. People who follow a Keto diet can stay off sugar more easily. It makes sense that you will lose weight if you eat less sugar. In our experience, you can notice this after 3 months. So we confidently give the 3-month "not good money back" guarantee.

Why do we like to eat sugar so much?

Why is our brain so fixated on sugar? Tens of thousands of years ago, our brains learned that if you ate sugary foods, you were more likely to survive a harsh winter. From then on, the brain rewarded eating sugar with the "FeelGood" chemical dopamine. The moment sugar hits your tongue, the sweet taste receptors send signals to the brain. It releases dopamine, a "FeelGood" hormone. Too much sugar sends our dopamine metabolism into disarray, making people increasingly restless in search of the same sugar. In this way, overconsumption of sugar has an addictive effect on the brain. The more sugar you eat the more dopamine is produced. This creates the powerful desire for sugar; one wants to be rewarded and feel good. That same powerful desire also plays into sex and drug use. Sex, cocaine or amphetamines excite the same reward circuit in the brain as sugar!!!


The patented metal interior in the FeelGood Coin transforms negative electro-smog - radiation into a naturally strong energy field. The main purpose of this energy field is to make you feel good AND to stop the brain from asking for sugar. The reward system for eating sugar is normalized, so to speak, and thus your desire for sugar decreases. The little voice in your head telling you to grab another cookie or chocolate is no longer there. The patented metal interior in the FeelGood Coin has already proven itself in the EMF Health Card for 3 years. The hundreds of thousands of users of this EMF Health Card experience no negative effects of radiation on a daily basis. The FeelGood Coin creates a different energy field than the EMF Health Card and thus does not protect you from radiation. The EMF Health Card protects you from radiation and the FeelGood Coin lowers your cravings for sugar. The Coin uses the energy of the existing Electro-magnetic fields. The FeelGood Coin thus contains no electronics and is therefore maintenance-free and can last a lifetime.

Try without risk with the 3 months
"not good, money back" guarantee

Hello Marcel. I just want to share a few experiences with you. I wore the Coin from the moment it came in. I notice I am making better decisions in terms of nutrition and eating less. I no longer have cravings (e.g., I used to crave bread a lot 😬). I used to love potato chips, not anymore (very special). What I also notice is that I am eating a lot less carbs and sugars. I am starting to lose a little weight, something that the transition prevented me from doing. Weight loss I don’t know, because I don’t weigh myself. I notice it in my clothes 😃 I also notice that I need less sleep (no idea if that is also because of the coin). In other words, I am very happy with it 🤩

During difficult moments, I reach for cookies, a glass of wine ánd chocolate with my coffee. Not really beneficial to your health, then! By setting my boundaries, saying no more often and grounding regularly, I was already seeing improvement. But it was only after wearing the Coin that my craving for sweet, bread and wine greatly diminished. Whereas I used to pour myself a glass of wine almost daily and have to eat chocolate with coffee, I find that I no longer feel the need for this at all!
The first three weeks with the coin were ups and downs in eating. Eventually: less cravings, less BIG cravings, easier to eat intuitively (i.e. to follow the body instead of continuing to eat from head hunger) and…. don’t know if that is the coin, but I did reach an even higher level in self-acceptance, that I can see my body as very beautiful and now even more beautiful than before. My goal was to lose five kilograms, after four weeks I was only at half a kilogram of weight loss, even a few days of intermittent fasting did not help. In the last eight weeks, I happily lost another 2.7 pounds without any special actions. Lost a total of 3.2kg. Am not dissatisfied.
I got the coin a few days before my period, I wear it all day and when it comes, the blood flows better, it’s discomfort is less (I can just do my activities). For me, that’s fantastic.

Does the FeelGood Coin have temporary negative side effects?

Yes, some users got a little headache. Surprising but not nice is that the Coin can also make you snack more!!! This is positive news. With both “headache” and “snacking more” you know the Coin is working for you, only it is working too strongly for you. Solution: slowly build up the “gestation period” and “distance” from the FeelGood Coin. For example, don’t wear the Coin during the day and place it 3 meters from your bed at night. Then if you don’t notice anything or you feel good then bring the Coin closer and closer and slowly but surely you start wearing the Coin for more hours. Until he also reduces your desire for sugar. Normally within 3 weeks you will be used to the FeelGood Coin and will notice the positive changes.


The exterior of the FeelGood Coin is made exclusively of pewter. Tin is a metal from which no allergic reactions have been recorded. The inner frame consists of the high-frequency harmonic metal Bismuth combined with other natural metals.


The Coin can positively influence your bowel movements. Some users report less monthly discomfort. Sometimes users can sleep better and/or get more energy. One also experiences unconsciously eating healthier.

How to use the FeelGood Coin

The flat side to the body works a little better. You can wear the Coin with our standard cotton necklace or a chain of your choice. If the necklace fails then your pocket or purse is also a good solution. At night, put it on the nightstand.

The Coin and water

The Coin is not made for the washing machine, daily showering or swimming. Did it happen accidentally? Don’t worry, it still works.

100% Dutch product

The Coin was developed by Dutch physician and Dutch researcher. The Coin is handmade in the Netherlands.

3 meter range

The FeelGood Coin has a range of three meters. The closer the Coin is to your body, the stronger the Coin works.


Clean the Coin with a wet scouring pad if necessary. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents!


Do not open the Coin under any circumstances, subtle connections may be permanently and irreparably damaged.


The Coin can promote a healthy lifestyle. If you combine this with additional walking, losing weight will be even better.


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